I have a New Love! Her Name is Iphone.

This winter I decided I did not want to go out into the cold, so I thought about how I could continue to grow and learn as a photographer while remaining indoors. My first thought was to learn more about still life and table-top photography and I went out and bought a starter studio kit… Read More

Never Fail With Singleness of Purpose

In some circles it might be called compulsive disorders. In others, perseveration. In my world and definition, it’s called FOCUS. The entrance to Xcaret Park in Mexico. Just follow the red line on the path. It’s that ability to block all things out while we focus at the task at hand. It does mean giving… Read More

Those Damn Shutterbugs. I hate them all!

I should explain a little further. We all have labels, or identities, whereby we affiliate ourselves, … or not. We have our work identities. “I’m a Project Manager,” explains everything about why they volunteer to organize collecting and paying a restaurant bill for a large group of persons.  Then there’s the family identities. “I’m the… Read More

Thanks for The Education- Part 111

So, I have a camera. I’ve got the gear. So what’s next?  Taking photos of course. But I don’t even know how to turn my camera on! Over the next couple of months,  I spent almost every waking hour on the internet researching this artistic medium. I studied composition and ‘the rules.’ I read I should… Read More