They say if you want to be successful in your goals, write them down. Then share with someone. So, here I am, sharing with anyone who will read this. Now there’s accountability!

This Year's Goals

But seriously, when I blogged last year about my main purposes and directions for my photography and the ways that I could go about to accomplish this, that goal seemed to stay prominently in focus and in the forefront of my mind. I didn’t even have to review my goals or look at them. That’s because they came out of a passion to further my photographic skills and with passion, comes focus and action. And so, while reviewing those goals for the last year, I was able to clearly see where I would like my path to head duirng this next year.

I want to fully explore and develop my creativity. Period.

So, photographically, I realized I still need work on some of the basics. The technical and fundamentals, like composition, lighting, exposure and especially, in-camera settings. I was only starting to ask myself “What’s the story?” to make stronger photos. So, my goals for this area of my life:

  • Continue with The Arcanum, and complete Sphere 1. This will help me further develop the basics. This will also help with creativity, for as I move along in levels, the assignments are specially geared to my strengths and weaknesses photographically.
  • During the winter participate in Kim Klassen Studio 2 workshop. This will help me develop my still-life and table top skills, learn more about studio lighting, and help me to tell a visual story.
  • Complete the GTCCC Judging course and start the mentoring program
  • Further my skills using my IPhone and complete  Susan Turtle’s Mobile Phone course, which I started last winter.
  • Develop some type of ‘style’ in my work.
  • To receive an honourable mention for a photo at the  Toronto Camera Club. There’s some stiff competition in that club, even at the beginner level I am competing at!

Besides these goals photographically, I also have some other goals:

  • Learn to play the guitar, exploring a new avenue for creativity.
  • Continue to blog weekly and incorporate my photography with the written word. However, I need to evaluate and explore where to take this blog in the future and whether to introduce a single focus.
  • I must loose the weight I have put on, as I am starting to have health complications because of it. I will endeavour to use a nutritionist along the way.

If I get really inspired:

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