I am a passionate new photographer. I enjoy seeing the world through many different lenses.

Garden Fairy
Fairy in my garden. Very light processing through Lightroom.

It is through this blog  that I hope to combine my new passion of photography, with my love of telling a good story. You see, many years ago, I had a mantra “I have to get serious about having fun!”  At the time, life wasn’t fun. I was stressed and I didn’t know how to ‘loosen’ up. A lot has changed since then, most noticeably that I have developed a great sense of humour. It is that humour that has healed parts of my life and also allowed me to go through the hard stuff life throws at you sometimes.

Today,  I am able to laugh at myself and with a rather quirky view of life, I have discovered I am a good story teller. And every good post needs a good photo, so this just enhances my creativity.  Writing about my photographic life, my experiences, learning and growth, is something every passionate hobbyist has either already embarked upon, or may be about to. We have this common interest and connection. Through these humorous anecdotes, it is my hope that you’ll find a place to be entertained, sometimes educated, but more importantly, be able to relate and to recognize how very human we are all.  Cause as humans, we live in the absurdities.

Besides posting twice a month, on the first and third Thursdays, I will occasionally explore other areas beyond photography. I know, it’s hard even for me to believe there is life besides taking a photo! But like most of us here, I am more than a two dimensional picture and I’m always looking at how to create depth in a photo. Well, here are some of those items in the foreground that give me some depth which I will sometimes include in this blog.

  • Family – Life with Sue.
    I am married to the same woman for 20+ years now. Sue and I have two wonderful furry dogs whom we refer to as ‘our boys.’  I am often asked how we’ve stayed together so long. My response is simple. – I hate admitting I made a mistake!
  • Work – Is a four letter word.
    I am one of the blue tribe, otherwise known as a police officer. I love being a 911 responder and the sound of a siren. A sense of humour, along with a perspective more like that of a tilt shift lens, are definitely prerequisites for this job.
  • Social – Life’s like that.
    I have been clean and sober for 20+ years, through the ongoing support of the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. Accepting life on life’s terms is no easy task. Let’s just say, living the principles of the program sometimes feels like herding cats – yeah, you try it!
  • Travel – Road, air, boat and train.
    We love to travel and do so as often as possible. However, it seems we have these kooky adventures, which for us, just enhance the experience. As we always say in the middle of seeming chaos, “It’ll just make for a better storey once we get home.”
  • Fitness  –  After age 50, it just hurts.
    I used to love exercise, then it started hurting. And then the pounds just started adding on. I’ve tried that, been there and done that. And sometimes had to take the rest of the week off. And this is supposed to be good for me?
  • Political – Why ya gotta be like that?
    Most of my life I was a radical feminist, hugging trees, being vegan and wearing Birkenstocks with purple socks. And now, I work in a boys club. Talk about shifting some of those views, wow! I’m learning that there is no black or white to politics, but rather it is much to large to be anything other than shades of grey.

*Why the garden fairy photo?  This photo was one of my first photos taken at the beginning of the summer of 2015, when I got my first camera, a Nikon DLSR D7200. She was a fairy in my garden. I’ve always been drawn to fairies (and to be honest, gargoyles too.) They represent the mystical and children, youth and innocence. They live in woods and flowers and all of nature. They are mischievous in character and lastly, the represent freedom and spirituality. In the photo I have her looking upward. It is the direction I am always looking towards.

I can be contacted via the contact sheet or email,  Karen at:
kvphotobug [at] yahoo [dot] ca

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Thanks for dropping by.


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