My Personal Manifesto

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I wrote this in 2004 as the values and principals I both wanted to live by and to strive for. It hung on the wall of my office for many years. More than a decade later, these values and principles are still the guiding force in my life.

Self-portrait mission-2
Self-portrait reading my personal manifesto for daily living

Be The Change You Want to See In the World…

Start With Yourself First
Attend to everything as if it were the most importantGive total presence
Make someone’s life a little easierGive generously of yourself
Give your 100% to everything you doWork diligently
Find fulfilment in everything you do – Chose your time wisely
Balance your lifeEmotional, physical and spiritual
Lead by exampleEmpower yourself and others
Negotiate Seek to be fair in all you dealings
Seek to understand Before being understood
Connect with the Force – Live principal-centred, positive & up-beat
Remember life is a lesson Allow for mistakes, be forgiving

Contribute To Society
Speak up to erase all forms of oppressionActively strive for social justice
Take every opportunity to educateBe a Teacher
Honour our differencesBe accepting & open-minded
Seek to see our similaritiesBe compassionate & empathetic
Remember the future is our childrenBe committed & accountable
Be involved Be charitable, caring and giving
Participate in Service Share a tithe of your time & money
Integrity goes a long waySeek for honesty & truth in all situations

I am teacher, leader, and sometimes a visionary. I am spiritual, empowered and most importantly, I am responsible.

The difference you make today, counts in all our tomorrow’s.

©2004 _kvphotobug

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