We Are All Creative. Just Try To Soar.

This came about from another post I did where I evaluated my goals for 2016. I realized in completing the process that I had accomplished something I never thought possible – the belief that I, I mean me, I mean ME, am creative. You see I grew up my whole life believing that I was… Read More

Did you write today? Yes? Then you are a writer today.

This quote by Julia Cameron, author of The Artists Way was the theme for my course on day seventeen. The course, Sebastian Michael’s 21 Days to Creative Abundance, is just as it sounds – living a creatively abundant life in twenty-one days. Sebastian says the only difference he notices between an amateur photo artist and… Read More

Living The Photo Artistic Life

I first heard about this concept. Living the Photo Artistic Life, through Sebastian Michael’s course, Photoshop Fine Art Grunge. He later started a blog, entitled Quill and Camera. The blog, is all about living the Photo Artistic Life. The blog is a place to showcase his students’ work, especially those from his advanced program Awake. In… Read More