Living The Photo Artistic Life

I first heard about this concept. Living the Photo Artistic Life, through Sebastian Michael’s course, Photoshop Fine Art Grunge. He later started a blog, entitled Quill and Camera. The blog, is all about living the Photo Artistic Life. The blog is a place to showcase his students’ work, especially those from his advanced program Awake. In… Read More

Want to take interesting photos? Become an interesting person.

I love the work and philosophy of David deChemin. In one of his talks or blogs he said “In order to take more interesting photos, we have to become more interesting persons.” He then encouraged the reader/listener to put down the camera and go out and do something different. Go to the Opera, a film,… Read More

Say Cheese–Becoming a Photographer

The last in this series, Singleness of Purpose, brings me to my current passion and endeavour, photography. I had not really intended to become so involved or to take it so far, but it became like this rolling ball down a hill that just kept picking up debris and dirt and becoming faster and bigger. I… Read More

Wacom. Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them.

The Wacom tablet. What is it, you might be wondering? It’s the tool that can turn your photos into a creation of art. Or it can be a drawing tablet where you create your digital pieces from scratch. In any event, it is a tool to further your creative endeavours, whatever they may be. I… Read More