Learning Guitar is Like Playing a Video Game

I emerged victorious from my ‘man-cave,’ the extra room in the house that I have claimed as mine. It is where I spend many hours, most hours actually when at home.  There are the countless hours on the computer, or tossing around some dumbbells (well, not recently, but they are there should I choose to)… Read More

I’ve Come A Long Way Baby!

At the camera club this year, we started a mentoring program. I’m not sure exactly what it is all about, and neither are those that recommended that we have one, but none-the-less, we were going to start one. I had not planned on being a mentor and hadn’t even given it a thought. However, there… Read More

My Inspiration They Shape My Photography

This week is something different. I had an assignment with The Arcanum and that was to choose a few people who inspire your photography.   I had to share with my Cohort, their photography and why they inspired me. My Cohort is a group of up to twenty apprentices who are all studying under the… Read More

Spray and Pray

I recently joined The Arcanum, which is an on-line community of photographers which tries to replicate the old style of teacher and mentor in photography, in our new world of technology. It was started by a few fellows, most notable Trey Ratcliffe of many famous pursuits, most recently the creation of the program Aurora. The… Read More

Living The Photo Artistic Life

I first heard about this concept. Living the Photo Artistic Life, through Sebastian Michael’s course, Photoshop Fine Art Grunge. He later started a blog, entitled Quill and Camera. The blog, is all about living the Photo Artistic Life. The blog is a place to showcase his students’ work, especially those from his advanced program Awake. In… Read More