Living The Photo Artistic Life

I first heard about this concept. Living the Photo Artistic Life, through Sebastian Michael’s course, Photoshop Fine Art Grunge. He later started a blog, entitled Quill and Camera. The blog, is all about living the Photo Artistic Life. The blog is a place to showcase his students’ work, especially those from his advanced program Awake. In… Read More

Composites. And no it’s not mulching organics!

I became interested in a course, Photoshop Artistry, Fine Art Grunge Composition by Sebastian Michaels. I first learned of this course via Lightstalking where I was a regular attendee, sharing in posts and photos for critiques. I saw some of the members displaying their work after starting the course and they would talk about it. I watched some… Read More

It was just another day, except my life would never be the same again.

The sun rose. I was just finishing the night shift and was heading home. As I crawled into bed that morning, I passed Sue just getting up from that same bed. She told me of her plans for the day. Pick up some groceries and then ride her e-bike up to her doctor’s office for… Read More