Those Three Most Important Words–What’s My Style?

This year I have decided I want to explore whether I have a style, and if so what is it, and if not, should I have one? I had felt my photography was somehow ‘lacking’ or ‘floundering’ because I didn’t prescribe to a particular genre. I told my Master, Kyle VanEtten, from the Arcanum. However,… Read More

Be Still

I can’t remember when I first came across the work of Kim Klassen on Instagram, but I really liked her style and I have followed her since.   She does still life photos, setting the stage for telling stories. These shots are sometimes straight downward photos, and other times larger and more elaborate scenes, wth… Read More

We Are All Creative. Just Try To Soar.

This came about from another post I did where I evaluated my goals for 2016. I realized in completing the process that I had accomplished something I never thought possible – the belief that I, I mean me, I mean ME, am creative. You see I grew up my whole life believing that I was… Read More